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James Hardie© Platinum Level Contractor

Count on your home's gutters to prevent foundation problems, prevent staining of masonry and siding and prevent damage to landscaping. Gutters may be the affordable seamless variety or made of more decorative copper. Seamless gutters come in many colors to match the design of your home. Screws are by far the most important element of the gutter system. Water weighs 8 lbs. per gallon and can easily pull the gutters away from the fascia if inadequate screws are used. Countrywide uses special ordered, double threaded screws to protect your home.

Why choose Hardie Products?

Hardie products are made from the finest raw materials: premium cement, finely ground sand, and natural fibers. These are combined and cured through a proprietary manufacturing process at one of four state of the art facilities around the United States. The result is the most durable siding material on earth. James Hardie® makes a wide selection of options for any home style. Choose from lap siding, shingle siding, individual shingles and siding accessories in a variety of appealing styles. The versatile product range also makes it easy to match an existing style or siding type. So whether you’re adding on or completely re-siding, James Hardie® has an option that's perfect for your home.

What are the advantages of using James Hardie© Products?

It doesn't give in to the elements like wood can. There's no rotting, warping, buckling or swelling. It withstands hail and flying debris from hard winds and storms. It holds paint much better than wood, which means you don't have paint as often and your home looks better, longer! It's also impervious to termites and other wood-eating insects.

50 Year Limited Transferable Warranty

Hardie Plank® and Hardipanel® both come with a 50 year limited transferable warranty against rotting, warping or swelling. That's peace of mind. The cement-like composition of James Hardie® siding makes it the most fire-resistant building material money can buy. That could protect the part of your home that matters to you most - your family.


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